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Traditional or IP-Based Systems
Toshiba‘s telephony solutions for small and medium-size businesses converges PBX and VoIP capabilities, making it possible to use your private IP and Internet connection for voice, data, and video communications. You’ll not only save on long distance charges and increase your return-on-investment, but enable your employees — wherever they are — to work as a single, unified company on the same enterprise-wide telephone system.
Toshiba IP telephony solutions offer:
  • Choose between Pure IP implementation, or any mix of IP and Digital (TDM) configurations
  • Add IP capability to your existing telephone system on an as-needed basis, or migrate to newer/larger converged IP systems, ensuring a smooth transition from traditional telephony to IP telephony
  • Superior migration from TDM-based legacy systems to IP-based Toshiba systems provides industry-leading Investment Protection, and Outstanding ROI
  • Fast installation without disrupting the flow of business
  • All Features for All Users – in All Locations – on All Devices, with a wide range of IP client devices, including IP telephones, soft phones, consoles, mobility solutions, communication systems, message management systems, video communication solutions, and more
  • Easy-to-use software applications and features
  • Adaptability/Flexibility/Customization
  • System Security
  • Best-in-class quality and reliability
  • One Unified Communication System from One Company
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