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Video Communications
Video Communication and Collaboration
Toshiba has made video applications virtually as easy to use as a traditional telephone, and because it’s compatible with Strata CIX™ system and telephone handsets, the Strata Video Communication Solution (VCS™) offers a very affordable entry point into video communication and collaboration.
Integrated Point-to-Point Video Communication and Collaboration
The Strata VCS™ provides affordable point-to-point video communication and collaboration (desktop and application sharing) capabilities. VCS brings Video telephony to Strata IP telephones, digital telephones and SoftIPT™ soft phones by adding video communications to traditional voice conversations. Strata VCS users can also share their Windows desktop applications with each other, allowing them to enjoy a multi media collaboration experience.
VCS Feature Highlights
Fully integrated with the Strata CIX systems including multiple systems networked via StrataNet
Pre-installed when shipped with the Strata Media Application Server (MAS) and managed by VCSManager™, VCS easily extends the user’s multimedia experience, including video, data sharing with VCS client running on Windows XP.
Video-friendly and easy to use automatic interface, allows users to see, hear and interact with each other, without having to click a mouse or push a button to start or stop their video communication.
Collaboration the VCS collaboration console enables Strata users to share their desktop, applications or documents. Users can collaborate on projects or workgroup discussions and can edit the same materials during their video communication session.
Functionality is integrated into the telephony capabilities, with features specifically tailored to handle video telephony, including:
  • Video Hold
  • Video Transfer
  • Video Forward
  • Station Hunting
  • Video Park/Pickup (local node only)
  • 2-way video with 3-way voice conference
  • Manually select Video Transmit speed
  • Video setup value: size, transferring and encoding rate
  • Video Transmission of you and your other party ON or OFF
  • Self Video Check
Compatible with Virtually Any Type of Strata Endpoint
Compatible with all types of Strata, including IP telephones and digital telephones as well as soft phones, the Strata VCS puts the user in charge of how they want to use video communications.
Maximizes Productivity via Remote Video Communication and Collaboration
VCS takes productivity to a new level by allowing remote workers to see, hear, interact and collaborate on projects together, no matter where they are physically located.
Whether it’s used for daily organizational calls or VIP communication, you can conduct remote in-person meetings, virtual work group discussions, field engineer support, sales staff support, product prototype demonstrations and much more. Because it takes the place of face-to-face.
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