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Getting the most Bang for your Buck
Still paying big phone bills? Voice and Data networks are the most overlooked expenses. Our typical network services review uncovers savings between 10% and 50%.
How do we make it happen? Our dedicated team of experts has saved our customers thousands of dollars......
  • We evaluate your current telecom and data networks
  • Review all your bills and contracts
  • Assemble a customized recommendation
  • Review options and assist with any decision making questions
  • Implement the solution
  • Provide ongoing, outstanding customer support
Call us today at 866.946.4800 or visit us at http://www.telcorp.net to learn more about how we can improve your bottom line and receive a free - no obligation proposal.
Call Accounting Solutions for your Toshiba System
Since our 2 week risk-free trial has been such a success, we can’t keep up with the demand! Therefore, we are extending this program into the next quarter.
Businesses are amazed at what the reports show when they are reviewed. They can allocate telephone expenses to departmental and divisional budgets and cost centers, monitor phone abuse, schedule call center staff and much more. With over 100 built-in reports, you can...
  • Monitor and track inbound and outbound call activity
  • Bill-back calls to clients and tenants
  • Detect toll fraud
  • Manage employee productivity
  • Reduce telephone expenses
  • Track marketing campaign response rates
  • Understand call activity patterns
  • Make informed decisions
Call us today at 866.946.4800 for more details.
Toshiba CIX integrates your mobile phone with your office phone to improve customer service
With Toshiba wireless IP telephones and SoftIPT softphone clients, missed calls and missed opportunities are a thing of the past…
Imagine an important customer needs to reach you right away but they get your voice mail instead. Toshiba CIX systems make it possible for that important call to still reach your mobile number with an option selected by the caller from your voice mail greeting!
Your customers can now reach you with just one number - they don’t need to decide whether to call your office or your mobile number, and you don't need to share your mobile number.
The CIX can even notify your mobile number when you have a voice mail message waiting for you at the office. You decide whether that notification is immediate or delayed for a later time.
Call us today at 866.946.4800 or visit us at http://www.telcorp.net to learn more.
Industry Trends Update…
Mergers and Acquisitions may impact service and support
Recent Headlines:
…Nortel, potential acquisition target or potential acquirer?
…Nokia and Siemens combining their carrier businesses
…French giant Alcatel acquires former Bell Systems spin-off, Lucent.
What does all of this consolidation mean for you? Caught up in an acquisition could be your IP phone system manufacturer, by a bigger company whose focus – and reason for doing the acquisition – is something other than business telephone systems.
This means doing your homework when you are making a big move with your telephone system. Big mergers make big headlines but aren't always good news for customers. Trying to get support from a company that's going through downsizing and internal turmoil can be a challenge.
Telcorp Communications keeps you up to date with industry trends and can assist you with your due diligence questions regarding customers service levels.
Give us a call at 866.946.4800 or email tharrell@telcorp.net
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